Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Below we've tried to answer the most common questions our customers ask us

1. Do I have to take my vehicle to the repair shop my insurance company instructs me to?

No. Remember it’s your vehicle and you choose where to take it for repair, if in doubt please give us a call on 01709 377441.

2. Are your repairs guaranteed?

Yes. At Brookstead Panelcraft we are so confident in our craftsmanship we offer a 3 year guarentee on all work we carry out. Parts guaranteed by the manufacturer.

3. Are you owned by an insurance company?

No. we are not owned by an insurance company or a bank we are an independent accident repair shop, we have over 250 years collective experience, we work for you.

4. Would you come to my home or workplace to provide me with an estimate?

Yes. We would be more than pleased to provide you with a no obligation estimate, we are very flexible, we could arrange to visit you at your home, workplace or meet you at our premises here in Rotherham.

5. Will you carry out any other work I would like doing at the same time?

Yes. It is cost effective to have additional work carried out at the same time as another repair; we will provide you with a no obligation estimate.

6. Will genuine manufacturer parts be used when replacements are required?

Yes, but some Insurance Companies instruct us to use non genuine parts on vehicles over a certain age, please refer to your policy document wording.

7. Will my vehicle be valeted upon completion of the repairs?

Yes it will be cleaned- but this is not a full Valet. We are asked by your Insurance Company to remove any dirt we may have caused during the repair process, wipe down the dash board, vacuum the interior and wash off the outside. You could however upgrade to a full Valet we would be pleased to quote you for this work.

8. What kind of courtesy car will I be provided with?

All our courtesy cars are 3 door, group ‘A’ sized vehicles Ford Ka however if you are involved in an accident and you are not at fault we may be able to assist you in obtaining a more suitable vehicle or even a Like-For-Like Vehicle this depends on your insurance policy and accident circumstances please call 01709 377441

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