Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Maintaining Kia Standards

If your Kia has been damaged then you should use an approved body shop.

Brookstead Panelcraft ltd is approved by Kia and uses the best technology, equipment and genuine parts to get your car back to its former condition. This ensures your car is safely repaired and to the highest quality finish.

Our staff are trained regularly and have the very latest skills to repair Kia cars. Our expert technical team and top equipment means your car is always in safe hands. They use all the latest technology to get your car back on the road quickly and finished to a high standard.

It's your Kia and it`s your choice.

Unfortunately accidents do happen. It may not be your fault but one day, your Kia may be in need of professional repair.

You'll be faced with an important decision. Who will repair your car back to its original condition? There is no need to accept anyone less than a Kia approved body repairer.

Regardless of who your insurance company is, by law, you are entitled to choose who repairs your car. You don't even need to shop around for quotes - just specify Brookstead Panelcraft Ltd a Kia approved body repairer.

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